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From April 25th to May 1st 2016 it is the Défi sportif AlterGo event. Défi sportif AlterGo is presented by Hydro-Québec. 5000 victories; 5000 stories.

School sports


Eight sports will be offered during the school sports event of the Défi sportif AlterGo: 7 at the Complexe Sportif Claude-Robillard and 1 at the Maurice-Richard Arena.

To discover the sports and understand the specifics of each division, see the descriptive videos on our YouTube channel.


Athletics consists of a series of different events : races, jumps and throws. The objective is to exceed the performance of the opponents in endurance, in height or in distance. The adapted sport version is identical to the traditional sport, except that it can also be practised in a wheelchair, tricycle or using a walker. At the Défi sportif, the Athletics competition also consists of an obstacle course event and a marathon. For the elementary level, this competition is open to athletes using a manual and a powered wheelchair. For the high school level, it is reserved to athletes using a powered wheelchair. The marathon includes walking, running or wheelchair events. The marathon runners have to cover the distance by trying to obtain the best possible time.


Basketball for the participants of the school events follows the majority of the rules that apply in traditional basketball. However, certain rules have been adapted according to the students’ abilities.


Boccia is a precision sport similar to the game of bowls and created specifically for people using a wheelchair and living with cerebral palsy or some other form of motor disability. It is a game played in gymnasium on a dimension court similar to the badminton. Each competitor attempts to direct 6 leather balls to a white target ball as close as possible to have points.

In the Défi sportif school event, the formula consisting of team tournaments is used. In those tournaments, boys and girls compete together. Rules permit the balls to be thrown by hand, by foot, or with the aid of a ramp that can be manipulated by an assistant if need be. Although, the assistant is required to turn his/her back to the playing area when doing so. This sport require focus, strategy and precision.

Rhythmic gymnastics

The Rhythmic gymnastics competition displays choreographies on a musical background including floor exercises. Athletes can execute the choreography with a ball, a hoop, a rope, Indian clubs or ribbon. The school event of the Défi sportif offers many levels of classification: A, B, C and 1. This competition allows the execution of routines in a sitting position (level A and B) or standing (level C and 1) .It is now also possible to execute the hoop level C routine in groups of 4 or 6 athletes as synchronized as possible.

Ball hockey

Ball hockey presented at Défi sportif is similar to traditional hockey. It is played on a gymnasium floor, using a ball. However, the rules are adapted according to the athletes’ level. Each team has a minimum of 3 games to play. A team consists of a maximum of 12 players.


Two teams try to direct a ball into the opponent’s net without using their hands or arms. The tournament is played outdoors. Although an indoor option is possible for the elementary level according to weather condition.


Swimming competition in the school event features races of 25 or 50 metres. Two styles are included on the slate of events: freestyle and breaststroke. Relays are also a part of those competitions. Swimmers are grouped according to level, disability type, gender and qualification times.


Two teams knock a ball to each other over a net, in midair and by hand. To make contact easier, the ball used is lighter than the one for traditional volleyball. The school events make use of a larger ball filled with air and travelling more slowly. The object is to make the ball fall on the opponent match zone. Also, teams can consist of ambulatory players as well as players using a wheelchair.

Date :

April 24th to April 28th 2017

Sites :

Complexe sportif Claude Robillard
Boccia: Maurice-Richard Arena


Schedule  (subject to changes):

Start of competitions: 10:30 am
End of competitions: 1:30 pm
End of the secondary level collective sports competitions: 2:30 pm

Disabilities :

All type of disability

Rules :

Competitions are organised in collaboration with the School Sport Consultative Committee

School Sport Regulation 2017

Registration fee :

The fee is $40 per student per day or $150 for five or more students per day.

Transportation refund form:

Download the transportation refund form.

Deadline :

Coming soon.

Questions or comments :

François Girouard, coordinator, Sport Programming 514 933-2739 ext 242 — francoisg@defisportif.com

The Défi sportif is organised by AlterGo.
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