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From April 25th to May 1st 2016 it is the Défi sportif AlterGo event. Défi sportif AlterGo is presented by Hydro-Québec. 5000 victories; 5000 stories.



Since 1975, AlterGo has been supporting the social integration of people living with disabilities through the elimination of barriers forbidding access to leisure. Grouping over 100 organizations, AlterGo is the voice of over 150,000 persons of all ages and with all types of disabilities. Because everyone is entitled to a chance!

To give every person with a disability the opportunity to live fully through sports, the imagination had to be fired up. And what better way to achieve this goal than allowing disabled people to give their full measure, to show what they can do? That goal gave birth to the Défi sportif AlterGo in 1984.

The thousands of athletes are the best placed and the most gifted persons to change perceptions and achieve this mission. In a more discreet but vital role, the precious partners, collaborators and volunteers also know to shout loud and clear the importance of promoting sport. Thanks to all who joined the team over the years and who make this great human adventure possible. We are proud to note, many years later, that the Défi sportif AlterGo is an innovative event, which has been able to distinguish itself, to last, and finally dominate.

Evolution of the number of athletes participating since 1984

Awards, trophies and tributes

  • Soirée des Lauréats montréalais, Finalist, Sport competition (2007)
  • Award from the Canadian Cycling Association (CCA) in the “Event – Paracycling” category (2007)
  • Soirée des Lauréats montréalais, Finalist, Sport competition par excellence (1999)
  • Soirée des Lauréats montréalais, Finalist, Sport competition par excellence (1998)
  • International event of the year at the du Gala Sports-Québec (1998)
  • 25th Gala Sports-Québec, International event of the year – Wheelchair (1997)
  • Gala Sports-Québec, International event par excellence (1996-1997)
  • Soirée des Lauréats montréalais, Finalist, Sport competition par excellence (1995)

Défi sportif AlterGo spokespersons

  • Chantal Petitclerc (Since 1998)
  • Jean-Marie Lapointe (Since 2002)
  • Debra Arbec (2003 à 2007)
  • Jean-Pierre Coalier (1999 to 2007)
  • Alain Choquette (1999 and 2000)
  • Patrick Huard (1996 and 1997)
  • Yvon Deschamps (1984 to 1997)

Artists and personalities associated to the Défi sportif AlterGo benefit activity

  • Chef Pasquale Vari (2012, 2013, 2014)
  • Le Festival mondial du cirque de demain de Paris (2011)
  • Les 7 doigts de la main (2010)
  • André-Philippe Gagnon (1996, 2002)
  • André Gagnon (1985)
  • Beau Dommage (1995)
  • Broue (1986)
  • Bruno Pelletier (2001)
  • Claude Dubois (1988, 1998)
  • Claude Léveillée (1985)
  • Corpuscule Danse (2009)
  • Dan Bigras (2005)
  • Daniel Lavoie (1998, 2008)
  • Le Festival mondial du cirque de demain de Paris (2011)
  • François Morency (2003)
  • Gilles Vigneault (1990)
  • Ginette Reno (1987)
  • Gregory Charles (2004)
  • Isabelle Boulay (2000)
  • Jean-Pierre Ferland (1992)
  • Judi Richards (1997, 2008)
  • Laurence Jalbert (2005)
  • Lévesque et Turcotte (2004)
  • Lise Dion (1999)
  • Louise Forestier (1994)
  • Luce Dufault (1998)
  • Luck Mervil (2007)
  • Lynda Lemay (1996)
  • Martin Dubé (2001)
  • Mario Jean (2000)
  • Michel Mpambara (2002)
  • Michel Rivard (1991, 1999)
  • Nathalie Choquette (2006)
  • Premier Ciel (2009)
  • Pierre Lapointe (2006)
  • Pierre Légaré (1998)
  • Richard Séguin (1997)
  • Robert Charlebois (1989, 1998)
  • Steeve Diamond (2005)
  • Sylvain Cossette (2003)
  • Toulouse (2008)
  • Yvon Deschamps (1993, 2008)
  • Zachary Richard (1999)

Défi sportif AlterGo Honorary Presidents

  • Éric Tanguay, Hygie (2013 à 2014)
  • Sam Scalia, Samcon (2012)
  • Normand Boivin, Aéroports de Montréal (2009 to 2011)
  • Richard Cacchione, Hydro-Québec Production (2008)
  • David Pinsonneault, Banque Nationale (2007)
  • Alain Mayrand, Groupe conseil AON (2006)
  • Chantal Bélanger, Banque Laurentienne (2004 and 2005)
  • Richard Côté, Associé, Brochu et Labre (2002)
  • Cora Tsouflidou, Les restaurant Chez Cora (2002 et 2003)
  • Gaétan Frigon, Société des alcools du Québec (2001)
  • Pierre Bibeau, Société du Parc des Îles (1997 to 2000)
  • Gérald Janneteau, Le Réseau des Sports (1994 to 1996)
  • Guy Langlois, Unigesco (1991 to 1993)
  • Raymond Bachand, Culinar (1988 to 1990)
  • André Caillé, Gaz Métropolitain (1987)
  • Hector St-Louis, Brasserie O&srquo;Keefe (1986)
  • Jean La Couture, Malette, Benoît, Boulanger, Rondeau et Associés (1985)
  • Bruno Riverain, Caisse Centrale Desjardins du Québec (1984)

Portrait of Monique Lefebvre, Défi sportif AlterGo founder

Monique Lefebvre is a committed citizen who distinguished herself through her work with people living with disabilities. Her leadership, her determination, her great rallying qualities have contributed to change mentalities.

Since 1981, Monique has lead AlterGo, a group of Montreal organizations that promote access to leisure, sport and culture for persons with disabilities. From an early age, Monique Lefebvre wanted to change society’s perception towards people with disabilities. Born from disabled parents, she quickly realized that for her wish to come true, she had to value the abilities and talents of people with disabilities. From this perspective, in 1984, Monique Lefebvre founded the Défi sportif des athlètes handicapés, now known as Défi sportif AlterGo. 720 athletes on the first edition, to over 5,000 athletes today, from all around the world and all deficiencies, Défi sportif AlterGo is a place of transcendence that is supported each year by more than 1,200 volunteers and 100 financial partners.

In November 2013, Monique Lefebvre was awarded the Medal of Honor of l’Assemblée nationale du Québec for her commitment and dedication to promote for over 30 years, social inclusion, by leisure, for people with a disability and universal accessibility

Monique Lefebvre loves to build, establish links, innovate, convince rather than denounce, join with others rather than divide. With the political world, city personnel, sponsors, sport federations or other organisations, Monique has adopted the following maxim: "Alone, I go faster; together, we go further."

Here are some of the numerous honours which have punctuated her route in the last few years:

  • Medal of Honour of the National Assembly of Québec (2013)
  • Recipient Gala Influential Women in Sport and Physical Activity in Quebec, (2013)
  • Guest speaker on Colloque 2.0 RéadaptATion | Aides techniques (May 2011)
  • Thérèse-Daviau Award (2007)
  • Guest speaker on “Growing on rehabilitation” at the Canadian Conference on Rehabilitation (2007)
  • Honours from Association des diplômés de l’Université de Montréal to highlight her professional accomplishments and her contribution to the reputation of Université de Montréal (2005)
  • Cathleen Lyle Murray Award, from the American Academy for Cerebral Palsy (2003)
  • Robert-Lefebvre Award, from the Association québécoise des sports en fauteuil roulant (2003)
  • La Presse Personality of the week (May 2002)

In spite of all those honours, Monique keeps on, stressing that her true reward remains the great joy expressed by the athletes during the Défi sportif AlterGo and the people affected by the achievements in universal accessibility.

The Défi sportif is organised by AlterGo.
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